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The Farm Journal Legacy Project
Helping Farmers Plan for the Largest Transfer of Farm Wealth in American History

With the average age of U.S. farmers today being about 60 years old, the Farm Journal Legacy Project addresses the succession planning needs of America’s farm families as they manage the largest transfer of farm wealth and land in American history. This project which is supported by DuPont Pioneer supports multi-generational success and is a catalyst for farm families to begin the daunting task of succession planning. The Legacy Project serves as an essential go-to source for tools to help simplify this complex effort.

DuPont Pioneer has sponsored the Legacy Project since 2010, investing more than $7.3 million over the past five years. We're helping expand the Farm Journal Media editorial and broadcast commitment to raise awareness of legacy planning for U.S. growers. In addition, our contributions have supported nearly 55 hands-on planning workshops, serving more than 6,000 people.

Just as Pioneer is dedicated to the success of our customers through our “right product, right acre” strategy, we are also dedicated to the multi-generational success of growers and the health of production agriculture. We believe that it’s absolutely critical for growers to implement good succession planning – if American agriculture is going to succeed and prosper in the decades ahead. Through Farm Journal Media, we help to highlight opportunities, provide structure, and give growers resources to help them succeed in their succession planning.

2015 Workshops

If you’re interested in attending a workshop or know a family who might benefit, upcoming event dates for 2015 can be found at this Farm Journal web page: http://www.farmjournallegacyproject.com/



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