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In Pursuit of World-Class Seed Production

Pioneer Chile employees gather at the DuPont Production Systems launch in Paine, Chile

The Pioneer Latin America/Africa Region continues to focus on supply chain improvements and investments making DuPont Production Systems (DPS) a critical part of that effort. DPS offers a comprehensive approach to refining production operations through process improvement tools and was recently launched at the Paine production plant in Chile. Through engaging employees and changing mindsets and behaviors, Paine will use the newly implemented DPS to reduce inefficiencies and develop better operational practices which are an integral part of Pioneer's global production efforts.

Implementation of DPS is the first of many steps the site has taken to continue to improve processes and better practices to bring high-quality seed to our customers around the world. "This site is the first location outside of North America to begin the implementation of the DuPont Productivity System for Pioneer," said Bill Frank, director of Supply Operations for Latin America & Africa. "It was really great to see the enthusiasm the Paine team displayed as they began this journey." The Paine production plant helps produce seed for several Northern Hemisphere locations.

Through DPS implementation, clear focus and transparency are emphasized and result in an environment where all employees contribute to reducing waste, costs and inefficiencies.  DPS will further Paine in its pursuit of world-class production.