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What sets Plenish™ High Oleic Soybeans apart?

Health-conscious consumers expect foods with labels that say 0g trans fat. Food manufacturers and fast food restaurants are working to find oils that can meet this demand without sacrificing performance or the taste that keeps their customers coming back. Farmers want a soybean with strong agronomics and increased demand. Enter PlenishTM – a Pioneer® brand soybean with an enhanced oil profile and increased oil stability. PlenishTM high oleic soybean oil will have 0g trans fat and 20 percent less saturated fats than commodity soybean oil and 75 percent less saturated fat than tropical palm oil.

There are currently more soybean acres cultivated in North America than any other oilseed crop, making PlenishTM high oleic soybean oil a cost-effective and sustainable trans fat solution.