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DuPont and USAID work with Government of Ethiopia to Improve Food Security

DuPont will collaborate with the Government of Ethiopia and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to boost maize harvests through increased use of hybrid maize seed, improved seed distribution, and post-harvest storage.  Maize is a significant contributor to Ethiopia's economic and social development, providing jobs, income and food.

DuPont will invest more than $3 million over the next three years to help improve productivity of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia, which will lead to their enhanced ability to produce nutritious food for their families and communities. As a part of this effort, DuPont Pioneer will provide sample hybrid seed, technical assistance, agronomic advice, credit for storage, as well as capacity building for farmer leaders, dealers, cooperatives and farmer training centers, and, in collaboration with all parties, build systems for improved input and output marketing of the seed.

This collaboration will enhance the incomes of more than 30,000 smallholder maize farmers in 15 woredas over three regions, and scale up a network for sustainable seed distribution in three years in support of the GOE's Agriculture Growth Program (AGP) by:

  1. increasing the productivity of assisted maize farmers by 50% and reducing their post-harvest losses by 20%; 
  2. enhancing the availability of improved maize seed and other inputs, as well as access to finance and markets; and
  3. building the capacity of community-based farmer leaders, agriculture extension services, cooperatives, and farmer training centers. 


This collaboration marks an important step for each of the partners in implementation of commitments they made as part of the G-8 New Alliance to work toward the goals of expanding agriculture production, raising the incomes of poor farmers, and helping lift 50 million people in Africa out of poverty over the next 10 years. It also highlights their strong commitment to improve food security in Ethiopia under the leadership of the Ethiopian government. Announced by U.S. President Obama at the 2012 G-8 Summit, the New Alliance is a unique association between African governments, G-8 members, and the private sector to work together to accelerate investments in agriculture to improve productivity, livelihoods and food security for smallholder farmers.