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Eye on Global Food Security

With nearly one billion people suffering chronic malnutrition and hunger worldwide, growing enough nutritious food for the world's growing population is a monumental challenge that faces not only the agricultural sector but all of humanity. We recognize that global food security - which is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity - will not be solved by any one company, government, university, or research institution.

Farmers feed the world, and DuPont Pioneer is dedicated to working with them. We pledge to find agricultural solutions to increase the productivity of farmers around the globe. Together, DuPont Pioneer and our customers, play a critical role in improving crop yields, farm by farm, to help reach the larger mission of feeding the world.

Our agricultural development initiatives are guided by DuPont's goals to promote global food security:

1) Innovating to Feed the World. DuPont is committing $10 billion to R&D and developing 4,000 new products to be introduced by the end of 2020.

  • Improved Smallholder productivity
  • Crop improvement technology
  • Improved Agriculture Policy Dialogue and training

2) Engaging and Educating Youth. By the end of 2020, we will facilitate 2 million engagements with young people around the world to transmit that knowledge.

  • Supporting avenues for youth to value Agriculture

3) Improving Rural Communities. We will work to improve the livelihoods of at least 3 million farmers and their rural communities through target collaborations and investments that strengthen agricultural systems and make food more available, nutritious and culturally appropriate.

  • Adoption of technologies by small holder farmers
  • Improved livelihoods for rural women
  • Empowering women in agriculture