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Leading Decision Agriculture Nitrogen Management Service Goes Mobile

EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service enables additional features through complementary mobile app

NEW ORLEANS, March 3, 2016 – DuPont Pioneer today launched the EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen app, a new mobile application that enables additional grower-friendly features as part of the leading EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service. The new app allows growers enrolled in the service to view and track the status of their fields’ nitrogen levels anywhere they have a cellular or wireless signal.

“EncircaSM services continues to offer new tools and services to increase grower productivity and sustainability,” said Eric Boeck, DuPont Pioneer Marketing director, EncircaSM services. “This mobile app is just the most recent example of that innovation and a clear reason the demand for EncircaSM services continues to rise.”

With the new mobile app, growers can match nitrogen application rates to variations in productivity that naturally exist within fields, adapt to the impact of ever-changing weather conditions, and be confident in their nitrogen investment. The application provides daily field-by-field weather updates that include crop growth stage, precipitation, temperature and growing degree units. It also gives growers a tool to take geo-location-tagged crop notes that they may reference later or share with their EncircaSM certified services agent and anyone else they choose.

“Growers can monitor the impact of every weather event, record crop observations, and even have the app follow them to display nitrogen status as they move through the various Decision Zones in their fields,” said Travis Kriegshauser, DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Services manager, EncircaSM services.

In more than 80 Pioneer on-farm comparison trials, growers who implemented the EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service realized a more profitable result than their traditional practices 77 percent of the time. The results from winning trials averaged 6 bushels per acre in increased yield while applying 5 pounds less of nitrogen, or about a $30 per acre return-on-investment*.

As a result of the unseasonably warm and wet winter, many growers who applied fall anhydrous are interested in knowing how much nitrogen they may still need to hit their yield targets for the 2016 growing season. “Enrolling fields in the EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service, working with a local EncircaSM certified services agent and utilizing the EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen app can provide Decision Zone based rate and timing recommendations to help answer that important question,” said Kriegshauser.

The EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen app is driven by the strong agronomic expertise, proprietary soil analysis and classifications, advanced crop modeling and exclusive hyper-local weather network of DuPont Pioneer and Encirca℠ services.

EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service customers can download the free app from the Apple AppStore® today for both the iPhone® and the iPad®, giving them an overview of critical inputs at their fingertips. To learn more about EncircaSM services and the EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen app, visit encirca.services.pioneer.com/ or call 1-844-744-7333 and follow us on Twitter @EncircaServices. Growers can also contact their Pioneer sales professionals or EncircaSM certified services agent.

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*Before service fee.

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