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Farmers Report High Yields with Pioneer® Brand Soybeans

LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 13, 2012 – Pioneer® brand soybeans are demonstrating record-breaking high yields in grower trials across Nebraska this year due to smart management practices and powerful genetics.

“Our Nebraska agronomist team collected 89 high-yield soybean checks throughout the state and we were very pleased to see the average was 83.4 bushels per acre. This is compared to a 71.4 bushel per acre average when compiling all 2,204 DuPont Pioneer irrigated soybean trials conducted across Nebraska that included those high yield checks as well as a broad range of performance outcomes,” said Matt McKenzie, DuPont Pioneer western business unit technical product manager.

“The high yield checks were taken to measure specific agronomic practices intended to increase yield. In these checks, producers implemented items above and beyond their normal management practice such as planting the newest Pioneer ® Brand Y-Series soybeans, increasing plant populations, using fungicide and insecticide seed treatments and increasing soil fertility," McKenzie added.

"When it comes to high yields, the real differentiator begins at the farm level,” said Bob Liska, DuPont Pioneer product agronomist. “In order for us as agronomists to explore the genetic potential of soybeans we like to find those operators that are willing to explore the possibilities that exist and those that have a passion around profitability. It’s somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s never one thing that directly drives these high yields. It’s a combination of numerous factors such as cultural practices, growing conditions, seed treatments, herbicide and insecticide applications and genetics."

"DuPont Pioneer is helping producers to achieve these high yields through their genetics and the endless coaching the sales representatives and agronomists provide,” said Marv Stech, an Osmond producer who reported 81.5 bushels per acre in his on-farm trial. “DuPont Pioneer provides plant knowledge and data to support each decision we make from planting to harvest. They help us with timing of plant protection products like fungicide, insecticide and herbicide as well as assist with irrigation scheduling. This service helps us obtain the highest profitability possible from the resources we have to work with."

"I am always excited about trying anything new and our Pioneer sales rep is a great source of information for our operation. He has state-of-the-art equipment to treat all our seed and will do what it takes to get the producers he serves to the next level,” said Ron Olson, a producer from Fairbury, after his reports of 85.5 bushels per acre in his on-farm trial. “Sometimes as producers we can get caught up in what everything costs per acre. It’s important to invest in each acre and incorporate new things into our operations. There really is a lot of top-end yield potential when you embrace some new strategies on the farm."

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