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DuPont Pioneer Expands Availability of Pioneer® Brand T Series Soybeans for 2014

Providing growers with additional choices for high yield products tailored to local geographies

DES MOINES, Iowa, Oct. 24, 2013 - DuPont Pioneer announces expanded availability of 40 Pioneer® brand T Series soybean varieties for 2014 planting. The broad range of high-yielding varieties available for 2014 planting have been targeted to meet specific grower needs and matched to local environments.

"Growers are asking for soybeans that will maximize yield in conditions and challenges specific to their fields," says André Trépanier, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager - soybeans. "T Series soybeans are an answer to growers' demands, providing high yield potential matched with an extensive package of agronomic and defensive traits tailored to local geographies."

"For example, available T Series soybean varieties for Iowa growers provide above average tolerance against sudden death syndrome (SDS) as well as protection against white mold where needed," explains Trépanier. "In Nebraska, the Dakotas and into Canada, available varieties provide growers protection against iron chlorosis and soybean cyst nematode (SCN)."

Below are notable varieties in the T Series soybean product lineup, which have already passed local research and product testing.

  • P19T60R (RR) - A late group I variety that features strong agronomic characteristics while still delivering top-end yield potential. It has the 1c gene for Phytophthora resistance in addition to favorable field tolerance. It also carries SCN protection and respectable tolerance to iron chlorosis and SDS.
  • P22T69R (RR) - A group II variety with exceptional yield potential. Peking source SCN resistance, 1k Phytophthora resistance and solid agronomic traits all come together in this star product.
  • P24T19R (RR) - This mid-group II variety is a widely adapted product. It features SCN and Phytophthora resistance plus good tolerance to SDS and iron chlorosis.
  • P32T80PR* (Plenish/RR) - An early Group III maturity product with the Plenish® high oleic oil trait for contract production. Yield potential is comparable to other Pioneer varieties. Displays SCN resistance, good standability and canopy width traits.
  • P35T58R (RR) - This product brings outstanding yield potential along with sound agronomic and defensive traits for growers looking for a mid-group III maturity soybean
  • P47T36R (RR) - This mid-late Group IV maturity product features outstanding SCN resistance, standability and the stem canker resistance gene as well as good tolerance to sudden death syndrome.

As final product advancements are made this fall, additional varieties will join the lineup for 2014 planting. This expanded lineup will also include products with the Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® trait.

Pioneer provides a broad range of soybean variety options with top-end yield potential plus strong agronomic and defensive traits. To help maximize your investment, Pioneer recommends adding Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment (PPST). With the addition of PPST, Pioneer brand soybean varieties are fully loaded, protecting the genetic package and providing an extra level of protection against early-season insects and diseases.

"Pioneer brand T Series soybeans provide growers with the total package, including product testing, yield potential and native trait protection, all backed by an extensive Pioneer sales and agronomy force," Trépanier says.

To find the Pioneer brand T Series soybean variety best suited for your area, contact your local Pioneer sales professional or visit pioneer.com/soybeans.

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*EXPORT APPROVAL NOTICE: Although fully approved for feed and food use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, grain, oil and grain co-products from PLENISH® VARIETIES MAY NOT BE APPROVED for all markets. Plenish® high oleic soybeans will be grown under contract in 2014. Trait ratings provide key information useful in selection and management of Pioneer® brand products in your area. Scores are based on period-of-years testing through 2012 harvest and were the latest available at time of printing. Some scores may change after 2013 harvest Contact your Pioneer sales professional before planting for the latest trait rating information.

Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment for soybeans is applied at a DuPont Pioneer production facility or by an independent sales representative of Pioneer. Not all sales representatives offer treatment services, and costs and other charges may vary. See your Pioneer sales representative for details.

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