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DuPont Pioneer Donates Ambulance Car to Stasi, Ukraine

STASI, Ukraine

DuPont Pioneer Donates Ambulance Car to Stasi, Ukraine

DuPont Pioneer donated an ambulance car to the community of Stasi, Urkaine, during the community's Village Day celebration on May 6, 2014.

"Since we opened our production facility last June in Stasi, we have been considering charitable contribution options to address the community's needs," said Csaba Molnár, commercial unit director, Eastern Europe.

The Pioneer team conducted individual interviews and focus groups with community members to determine how the business could make the greatest impact within the community. Through the discussions, it became clear that because of the distance from Stasi and outlying remote areas to the large medical centers, the community lacked a means to receive on-time and urgent medical and sanitary assistance. Having an emergency vehicle would help people get the immediate attention they deserve during a time of medical crisis.

Molnar and Lajos Boncok, production manager, Eastern Europe, presented the vehicle to the community. "Social responsibility is a central element of the Pioneer culture," said Molnar. "Improving the quality of life, caring for employees and communities residents, providing environmental cleanness, following high ethical standards and strict adherence to laws form the basis of our business and ensure sustainable success worldwide."

Taisiya Sherstyuk, Stasi mayor and Vitaliy Petrov, physician and head of the Stasi medical station thanked Pioneer for the valuable contribution on behalf of the local community. "The ambulance car will help us to serve local people better and faster; this donation improves significantly the quality of our lives," Dr. Petrov said.