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Pioneer Indonesia Unveils First Elephant-Shaped Crop Formation to Celebrate New Corn Hybrid Launch

Photo: Elephant-shaped crop formation, Kediri, Indonesia

If you were flying over Indonesia, you may have seen an unbelievable sight! DuPont Pioneer launched Pioneer® brand corn hybrid P27 by unveiling the country’s first of its kind, elephant-shaped crop formation. P27 is locally associated with the characteristics of an elephant or Gajah – strong and dependable.

The 2,400 m² elephant shaped crop formation, located in Kediri, was named by the MURI (Indonesia Book of Records Museum) as the first of its kind in Indonesia. The MURI record achievement helps further strengthen the farmers' confidence of P27 Gajah for increased productivity even under unfavorable planting conditions.

Three thousand farmers attended a special event to announce the new hybrid, share the benefits of planting P27 Gajah and the proper agronomic practices for improved yield and productivity. Most of the attending farmers were from Kediri, Jombang, Nganjuk, Tulungagung, Blitar and surrounding areas.

“The launch of P27 Gajah is another product demonstration of our commitment to providing increasing farmer productivity and providing solutions for Indonesia’s food security program and beyond,” says Mardahana, country manager, Pioneer Indonesia.

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