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Senior Research Manager nominated for Iowa Women of Innovation Award

November 22, 2011

Pioneer Hi-Bred senior research manager, Hillary Sullivan, was nominated as a finalist for the 2011 Iowa Women of Innovation Awards, presented by the Technology Association of Iowa.

Throughout her career at Pioneer, Sullivan has been dedicated to Pioneer research, supporting the development of commercial products through genetic marker technology.  This technology is an important tool used globally to help meet growing demands for food, feed, and fuel.  By utilizing genetic markers, Pioneer is able to identify key agronomic and disease resistance traits, helping deliver better products, faster.

Sullivan has led and contributed to several marker development teams from project inception to implementation. Most recently, she served as the program lead for the creation and implementation of the array tape platform.

After recognizing the need for a flexible marker platform that supported multiple databases and increased datapoint delivery, Sullivan and colleagues worked with Douglas Scientific to successfully implement this cutting-edge genetic diagnostic technology for several locations including Iowa, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Chile. Benefits of this system include a dramatic decrease in the cost and an increase in datapoints delivered. More datapoints were produced in two years using the new array tape platform than in the first 18 years of marker technology at Pioneer using the pre-existing plate system.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Rollins College and completed her graduate studies in molecular and cellular biology and pathology at the Medical University of South Carolina.