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DuPont Pioneer’s greatest asset of all is its people

The greatest asset at DuPont Pioneer is our people. From chemists to plant breeders to entomologists to agriculture biotechnologists and beyond, Pioneer Research and Development needs a wealth of talent to support the needs of an ever-growing global population. In order to attract this wealth, Pioneer knows where a future employee begins…in the classroom. It’s more important now than ever before to engage students with science education and the agriculture industry. Pioneer is committed to science education and is working with high schools and universities across the globe to do just that by supporting U.S. fellowships, international scholarships, science education grants as well as undergraduate and graduate student internships. Other sponsorships include plant breeding symposiums held at various universities across the United States including University of Nebraska, University of California Davis, Cornell University, University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin. If you would like to learn more about plant breeding symposium sponsorships, contact Research Communications.