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**Information and results contained on the Pioneer Performance Data website, including Wins %, Yield Adv (bushels), Moisture Adv %, Test Weight Adv. (lbs), and Income adv/Acre ($) are reported on the average of the number of comparisons listed across the region or area indicated. Comparisons may be against any number of competitors in similar Pioneer® brand hybrids or varieties. Multi–year and multi–location information is a better predictor of future performance. An individual plot may have been excluded from the website based on criteria that led Pioneer to believe that the results, good or bad, do not accurately represent a product. In addition, a grower may not have provided consent to release performance information. Hybrid and variety responses are variable and subject to any number of environmental, disease and pest pressures.

Notes & Explanations:

(1) Do not use this or any data from a limited number of demonstration trials as a significant factor in product selection. Testing accuracy, area variations and a limited environmental base can give misleading results. (2) Income per acre is calculated based on the following values: $3.75/bushel price, $0.04 drydown cost and 15.00% moisture. It may also include a buyers call export premium per bushel based upon the oil content of the hybrid, where available.

*** Since the trait/segment information is derived from each competitor's own product information, Pioneer can make no warranty as to its accuracy.