Swath Or Straight Cut - You Decide!

Heading into the growing season, there’s a lot you may not know about your canola crop. When will you be able to plant it? When will the crop be ready for harvest? What other demands will there be on your time and your harvest equipment? Finally, will you swath or straight-cut your canola?

You need flexibility and we’ve got good news. Canola hybrids with the built-in Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax trait give you more control at harvest time.

Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax Trait Delivers:

  • Swath Timing Flexibility–A wider window for swathing & harvesting allows greater time management and the option to delay harvest, giving pods more time to fill
  • Straight-Cut Option – Multiple sources of pod shatter resistance makes straight cutting a practical option
  • Reduced Pod Shatter – Reduced pod shatter means more seed in the bins and more profit
  • Reduced Volunteers – Easier weed management in the field for next season
  • Peace of Mind – Flexibility in harvest timing and method