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HarvestMax is about maximizing the yield potential in your field, while maximizing the efficiency of your farm. HarvestMax provides farmers with the flexibility to choose how and when to harvest their canola crop.

Canola hybrids with the built-in Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax trait are for growers looking for:

  • Maximum yield potential and maximum efficiency on your farm
  • Improvements in the harvest process – increase yield, easier harvest and a more flexible harvest
  • The opportunity to extend swathing window - swath later or straight-cut
  • Reduced risk associated with all harvest management including risk of in field loss
  • Another harvest management tool and opportunity to extend the harvest window

Swath or Straight Cut – You Decide!



Maximize Performance

Stay on top of tough-to-control and resistant weeds to help maximize yield potential. The right management program helps complement your trait package and protect the canola genetic potential.

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Pioneer® brand canola hybrids are bred to deliver top performance, with genetics that are fine-tuned to deliver top yields in a variety of growing conditions. Put the right product on the right acre to help you reach your goals.

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