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Next Generation Decision Services

DuPont Pioneer Next Generation Decision Services

Leveraging its unique route-to-market, DuPont Pioneer is an industry leader in providing next-generation agronomy and Decision Agriculture Services to growers through an expanding field services team and utilization of new technologies. When yield monitors became commonplace on U.S. farms, Pioneer launched comprehensive field-by-field mapping services. As agricultural operations became more complex, Pioneer grew its whole-farm profitability services to include a real-time grain marketing platform.

In the last year, Pioneer worked one-on-one with customers to map more than 20 million acres of harvest and as-planted acres, and to implement more than 1.5 million acres of variable rate seeding prescriptions*. Providing end-to-end services, Pioneer has connected about 8,000 grain sellers and buyers through the Farms Technology Dynamic Pricing Platform.

In November 2013, John Deere and Pioneer announced a collaboration to allow growers to transmit field data wirelessly from Deere equipment to Pioneer® Field360™ Select software, offering unparalleled convenience and timely analysis. More recently, Pioneer has announced a collaboration with DTN/The Progressive Farmer that will bring instant weather and market information, as well as innovative grain trading capabilities, to growers.

In today's complex, data-intense farming environment, growers need a way to conveniently evaluate and interpret all of their data and operational resources into informed, actionable decisions. Pioneer is innovating to deliver personalized services and cutting-edge tools that provide growers with unmatched value to address the key challenges of farming today.

Introducing EncircaSM Services, from DuPont Pioneer
EncircaSM services provide you with personalized intelligence to help you make more informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your operation. Providing unmatched value through tailored and customized services that help improve profitability, sustainability, convenience, and risk management, EncircaSM services were built to help address the four critical needs: Convenience, Profitability, Sustainability, and Risk Management.
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DuPont Pioneer recognizes that the dynamic and globally-connected agriculture environment of today creates new challenges for growers to remain competitive and profitable. We've heard our customer's requests for help in becoming more efficient throughout their operations.  Pioneer is committed to providing solutions that help growers maximize profits, minimize risk and improve sustainability.

Key challenges that Pioneer will address in its Next Generation Decision Agriculture Services offering include:

Profitability (JPG 39 KB)

Profitability -- Commodity prices are softening, input costs are on the rise and access to land is a key concern. To stay competitive, growers must closely manage their operations to get the most out of every resource.

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Convenience -- The enormous volume of farm-level data growers now handle – from new precision ag technologies as well as from traditional information sources – can be unwieldy and disconnected. Effectively using the data requires the ability to compile and analyze it to make insightful decisions.

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Sustainability -- Improving sustainability is both a business requirement and good business. Growers must produce more from every acre while efficiently managing inputs and being good stewards of the environment.

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Risk Management -- Growers can’t count on the markets or the weather – except to change. Staying in business over time means effectively managing the risks growers can control while minimizing the impact of those they can’t.

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DuPont Pioneer recognizes that services are only solutions if they work for customers. The newest software applications and the smartest analysts offer value only when services or advice is accessible and tailored to a grower's individual needs. Pioneer is a leader in offering cutting-edge agronomic tools and technologies paired with knowledgeable Pioneer agronomists and agents. Pioneer is pleased to convey that Pioneer® Field360™ services is evolving in 2014 to personalized, brand-independent year-round decision solutions designed to help growers further unlock the potential of their operations while minimizing risk and improving sustainability.

News Releases

Here are a few developments DuPont Pioneer would like to share as it prepares to launch its next generation Decision Services platform.


Seamless Data Transfer
Watch a video clip of growers explaining the benefits of seamless data transfer.
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