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Our Brands

Every Pioneer® brand product is built on industry-leading elite germplasm and is backed by agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability around the world.



Plenish™ high oleic soybeans from Pioneer benefit farmers, the food industry, and consumers. In addition to the strong agronomics and yields growers demand, Plenish™ high oleic soybeans contain the highest oleic  content (more than 75 percent) of any soybean product under commercial development. This significantly increases the stability of the oil and provides greater flexibility in food applications, while yielding a product with 0g trans fat, making it a more attractive ingredient for consumer food products. www.plenish.com.



Optimum® Brand Innovations is our brand name of a family of traits, products and accompanying programs that enable growers to be more productive with choices to meet their individual needs.



The Optimum® AcreMax® 1 system is the industry's first insect control solution that allows growers to simplify and reduce their corn rootworm (CRW) refuge by placing refuge in the bag.  Optimum AcreMax 1 is an in-the-bag product that contains 90 percent of a Pioneer® brand hybrid with Herculex® XTRA (CRW/CB/LL/RR2) insect  protection and 10 percent of a Pioneer hybrid of the same genetic family with the Herculex I (CB/LL/RR2) trait, which serves as the corn rootworm refuge.  This allows growers the flexibility to plant the required corn borer refuge up to ½ mile away.



Optimum AcreMax® RW products can serve as a CRW-protected corn borer refuge for Optimum AcreMax 1 products. They contain 90 percent of a Pioneer hybrid with the Herculex RW trait and 10 percent of a Pioneer hybrid from the same family, but with herbicide tolerance only. All seed in the bag is tolerant to glyphosate chemistries. In addition, Optimum AcreMax RW products can be placed up to ½ mile away from an Optimum AcreMax 1 product field, allowing maximum flexibility and the ability to cover all of a grower's acres with industry-leading in-plant rootworm technology.



Optimum® AQUAmax™ hybrids are products developed and tested to help deliver a yield advantage in water-limited environments. Products of Pioneer's extensive drought genetics research and proprietary Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) system, Optimum AQUAmax hybrids offer new options for growers seeking improved yields under drought stress, helping to minimize risk and maximize productivity.


PROaccess® Genetics Business Strategy

Our PROaccess Genetics strategy enables Pioneer to make available its seed genetics to more growers through a network of distributors and Pioneer-owned companies. Learn more about our PROaccess strategy.