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Independent Sales Representatives

Independent sales representatives have been important to the success of DuPont Pioneer since the late 1930s, shortly after the company developed and began offering commercial hybrid seed corn for sale. While not an employee of Pioneer, an independent sales rep plays a critical role in the success of our business by selling seed to our customers and sharing personal experience and knowledge of our product with farmers.

As our agency system continues to grow, so does the number and variety of independent sales opportunities. In this position you will grow your own business and be compensated through our unique sales commission structure. As new technologies continue to transform farming and the end-uses of what farmers produce, the experience, knowledge, integrity, and credibility of our independent sales representatives become even more important to the success of DuPont Pioneer.

Interested in becoming an independent sales representative for DuPont Pioneer? Please find more information by clicking on the following links for the United States or Canada: