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Summer Jobs Resources

Our summer jobs are a great for young workers and to make sure that they are safe throughout the summer, we have created the following informational guides:

    • Allergies/Asthma/Insects (PDF 3 MB) - Put together to highlight what to expect in the field for workers who suffer from allergies, asthma, and insect bites.
    • Choose Your Cover brochure (PDF 124 KB) - Brochure discussing the dangers of sun exposure.
    • Detasseling, Roguing and Volunteering Handbook (PDF 6 MB) - Provides expectations and guidelines for those detasseling, roguing and volunteering.
    • Expectations Sheet (PDF 134 KB) - One-page sheet describing what workers can expect during detasseling, such as varying weather conditions, insects, pollen/mold, and potential for allergies to flare.
    • Heat-Related Illnesses (PDF 8 MB) - Because extreme temperatures are experienced throughout much of the season, this brochure was designed to help workers understand the signs of potential illnesses.
    • Let's Go Detasseling! (PDF 1 MB) - This brochure highlights what to expect when detasseling.
    • Personnel Carrier Safety (PDF 2 MB) - This brochure covers tips for both operating and riding on a personnel carrier, including proper riding techniques, basket tips, and driving rules.
    • Rural Driving Safety (PDF 2 MB) - Designed to illustrate the potential dangers of driving on rural roads.
    • Safety postcard (PDF 4 MB) - Oversized postcard sent to parents of potential detasselers outlining safety.
    • Uneven surfaces (PDF 782 KB) - Contains information concerning walking on uneven surfaces.


Visit our Summer Jobs Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.