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Summer Jobs

DuPont Pioneer relies on our seasonal employees to sustain our efforts in seed production. We offer a variety of summer jobs, including internships, detasseling, detasseling crew leaders, seed field inspecting, pollinating, data collection and field research. Seasonal employees will gain experience during the summer while benefitting from the financial rewards.

Visit Summer Jobs Resources for additional information about summer field activities.

Germplasm Field Researchers

Help DuPont Pioneer protect its germplasm and secure our research through this exceptional summer job opportunity. The germplasm security summer group will work as a team to measure and record morphological traits; which includes plant height, silk color, leaf color and leaf length.
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Dupont Pioneer detasseling is more than just a summer job - it's an outdoor adventure. Detasseling positions are available throughout North America. You'll gain experience, make money, have a short work season and still be able to spend time with your friends.
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DuPont Pioneer pollinators assist in our corn breeding process, ensuring that the pollen is properly transferred. Our pollinators work throughout North America and enjoy the rewards of a short season and competitive pay.
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Crew Leaders

DuPont Pioneer detasseling crew leaders play a key role in the production of hybrid corn. As a crew leader, you'll manage, motivate and monitor the progress of your detasseling team. Crew leaders are needed throughout North America and will benefit from the competitive pay.
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Seed Field Inspectors

The seed field inspectors are vital to both the production and research teams at DuPont Pioneer. Field inspectors report crop growth progress and compliance with quality specifications to both local management and their inspection supervisor. Enjoy a short outdoor work season while gaining experience as a self-sufficient employee.
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Entomology Field Researchers

Our entomology field research summer workers provide beneficial information to our team of scientists. They work with our entomology group at our Johnston Research facility to screen corn for resistance to insects. We will provide brief training and let you have the independence to perform the job.
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