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Crew Leaders

Crew leaders are adults (often teachers) who have the summer free to manage detasseling or roguing efforts for local DuPont Pioneer seed corn production locations. Leaders have a wide range of responsibilities, from completing paperwork to supervising workers in the field. We can help you determine what size crew you'll need and how to best provide training.

Timeline - Spring

In the spring, recruiting efforts begin in earnest. Expect to host many recruiting and informational meetings. Leaders use training materials available from Pioneer so a consistent message is given to all workers.

Former detasselers who did a good job are often excellent candidates for supervisors, because they have a good understanding of the requirements and can help keep detasselers on task and enforce important safety rules. Think about incentives—bonus plans have been shown to help workers stay with a job that is hard to do.

Timeline - Summer

By early summer, you'll continue to recruit workers and confirm with those that have already committed to work. There will be a lot of communication with the workers and their parents as you finalize details and complete paperwork. If you are taking advantage of transportation options through Pioneer, this is the time of year to coordinate that. We'll take care of getting everyone paid, so that frees up your time to concentrate on getting the job done, and getting it done safely.

In the summer, detasseling will start in late June or early July. Your main focus will be on leading a safe and efficient crew. Recruiting efforts may also continue, as the job is tough and some detasselers may not finish the season.


Safety is a top priority for Pioneer. You'll need to take the proper steps to insure crew safety during the season. This is best achieved through adequate supervision, training, providing plenty of water and breaks, and being there for your crew.


Pioneer currently needs crew leaders in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington and Ontario. Please note that we do not have crew leader positions available in Johnston, Iowa, where our corporate headquarters are located.

To Apply

Contact the closest contractor on this list for an application. Once you've applied, a crew leader or Pioneer representative will contact you with additional information.

DuPont Pioneer is an Equal Opportunity Employer (English/Spanish) and participates in E-Verify (English/Spanish).