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Detasseling involves removing tassels that grow on a corn plant, which forces cross-pollination. The steps involved include finding the tassel, pulling it off, and throwing it to the ground. That’s all there is to it! But, it must be done right, or the crop will fail.

Detasseling is tough. It’s a hot, muddy and sweaty job, but it’s a great way to work for a few weeks in the summer and reap the financial reward. DuPont Pioneer will provide you with gloves and eye protection, which are required for safety reasons.


Every summer (late June or early July), Pioneer hires thousands of dependable people to detassel in teams that work for a few weeks.The team heads out in the early morning hours (between 5–6 a.m.) so be sure to fuel up with a good breakfast.


Safety is Pioneer Hi-Bred’s number one priority. Failure to adhere to all safety policies and procedures could lead to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.


The minimum age for detasselers varies by state


  • Illinois - 12
  • Indiana - 12
  • Iowa - 14
  • Michigan - 13
  • Missouri - 14
  • Nebraska - 12
  • Texas - 12 (no positions available at this time)
  • Washington - 14 (no positions available at this time)

Please note that we do not have detasseling positions available in Johnston, Iowa, where our corporate headquarters are located.

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All positions have been filled.

Pioneer is an Equal Opportunity Employer (English/Spanish) and participates in E-Verify (English/Spanish).