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DuPont Pioneer sells canola (rapeseed or oilseed rape) hybrids in 36 countries. Pioneer® brand canola is bred to deliver top performance. Our genetics are fine-tuned to deliver top yields in a variety of growing conditions. Put the right product for the right acre to help you reach your goals.

Pioneer sells canola around the world and continues to focus on:

  • increasing harvestable yield;
  • herbicide tolerance;
  • improved agronomic traits;
  • increasing oil content;
  • resistance to major diseases


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Today, Pioneer has 10 research stations and in March 2005, a state-of-the art production facility was opened in Alberta to meet the growing demand for its canola hybrids. The facility increased production by more than 50 percent, and played a role in the Pioneer business strategy to be the canola market leader.