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DuPont Pioneer sells crop-specific inoculants to farmers and livestock producers to enhance fermentation efficiency, reduce shrink, improve bunk life and increase fiber digestibility, improving forage performance and helping reduce ration costs. It sells these products in 31 countries.

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Throughout the 1980s research efforts expanded and focused research on crop specific bacterial strains led to the release of several new products in the early 1990s. In 1994, Pioneer opened a Livestock Nutrition Center, which provides the ability to conduct on-farm feeding studies with products before commercial release.

A breakthrough inoculant technology was released by Pioneer in 2001 which provided producers with a way to enhance bunk life of silage through improved aerobic stability. At the same time, the business began to move away from granular product formulations to water soluble formulations. Pioneer released a new inoculant applicator, the Appli-Pro® SLV, which provides a low-volume liquid application system to keep pace with the rapidly increasing capacity of forage choppers.

By 2007 another new revolution in inoculant technology had been developed and released by Pioneer. The Pioneer Fiber Technology platform provides enhanced fiber digestibility to dairy producers. By improving the fiber digestibility of silage, producers get more feed value from the silage which in turn allows them to feed more silage and reduce other more costly sources of energy in the ration. Pioneer continues to expand this platform by releasing this technology for other silage crops and for biogas producers.