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Pearl millet is a crop with a long history in India and Pakistan, serving as a staple food product. DuPont Pioneer offers pearl millet varieties for farmers with different growing needs. Hybrids are also available for both summer and rainy seasons. As a result, there is a hybrid suitable for each customer residing in the diverse environments of the India and Pakistan markets.

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Today Pioneer has three research stations focused on the development of industry-leading hybrids for key markets in India and Pakistan that offer higher value to our customers. Researchers work on yield improvement, disease resistance, stalk lodging resistance and heat tolerance.

Germplasm Enhancement, Inbred Development and Hybrid Evaluation - The research program in India is designed to enhance existing germplasm for key traits using exotic germplasm from various parts of the world. A major focus of the breeding program is to develop inbred parents that can be used to produce superior hybrids, and to test experimental hybrids in the major millet-growing regions of India. Hybrids are evaluated for yield, standability and disease resistance.