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DuPont Pioneer began its hybrid rice breeding program in India in 1987 following the successful adoption of hybrid rice technology and increased rice yields in China. Today Pioneer offers 10 commercial hybrids of differing maturities, areas of adaptation, and grain quality preferences across India, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Pioneer is focused on improving rice yields with one of the most extensive plot testing systems devoted to hybrid rice in the industry.

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Pioneer has established six research stations in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, and our rice research efforts focus on developing indica rice hybrids for market segments across South and Southeast Asia. The hybrid indica rice market is composed of many diverse growing areas, defined by a variety of grain quality preferences as well as maturity zones, insect, disease and agronomic stresses.

Pioneer has more than tripled its number of rice researchers and has expanded hybrid testing across key countries in Asia. Molecular markers are being used to introduce defensive traits like disease resistance and insect pest tolerance into our products.