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Plenish® High Oleic Soybeans

Healthier Oil with Functional Benefits and Solid Yields

Plenish® high oleic soy offers functional and consumer benefits with improved performance and broader applications than other available edible oils to help meet the food industry's need for a soy-based trans fat solution. Go here for more information about enhanced oil.

  • 0g trans fat
  • 20 percent less saturated fat than commodity soybean oil and 75 percent less than palm oil.
  • Oleic content of more than 75%, similar to olive oil
  • Linolenic content <3% (verses 7% for commodity soy oil) for greater oil stability

Enhanced Performance

  • Plenish high oleic soybean oil displays higher heat stability for frying, increasing fry life and improving the flavor of fried products, as well as decreasing equipment maintenance.
  • Provides a high stability base oil for manufacturing baked goods and extends the shelf life for manufactured products.
  • Highest oleic content in soybeans under commercial development.

             -Provides the opportunity to blend, optimizing cost and functional requirements.

Bio-based Industrial Applications

Vegetable oils have several advantages to petroleum-based oils including lubricity, lower volatility and a high flash point. However, they suffer from a lack of oxidative stability that can prevent their use in certain high temperature environments. High oleic soybean oil has exceptional heat and oxidative stability and can be used in high temperature and extended use applications where conventional soybean oil is not an option.

  • Applications may include:
    • Lubricant formulations

                             -Industrial and food grade hydraulic fluids

                             -Metal working fluids


                             -Chain bar fluids

                             -Motor and gear oils



    • Dielectric fluids
    • Polyois, plastics, foams, adhesives
    • Source of oleic acids for oleochemical production


Grower-friendly, high-yielding Pioneer genetics

Created with elite genetics and cutting-edge technologies, the new Plenish® high oleic soybeans are part of the next generation Pioneer T Series soybeans that are taking performance to the next level. Field testing indicates farmers growing Plenish can expect yields comparable with other Pioneer® brand soybean varieties.

Plenish high oleic soybeans feature:

  • Strong agronomics and defensive traits
  • SCN and phytophthora resistance and SDS tolerance - all within a broad range of maturities.
  • These strong performance attributes will help reduce supply chain costs for grain processors, food manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers

For additional information about Plenish visit www.plenish.com or pioneer.com/plenish