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Our Unique Approach


Products aren’t valuable to our customers unless they work on the farm. DuPont Pioneer is the leader in local product advancement and field testing which is the foundation to deliver the Right Product for the Right Acre.

Our Right Product, Right Acre approach to the market relies on understanding our customers, anticipating their needs and leveraging our expertise to develop quality products that bring value.

We innovate globally and develop locally.  We accomplish this through each one of our 125+ research locations across the globe.  Each facility is connected to the local business so that our R&D organization understands local customer needs and is working toward delivering better products to customers. Importantly, we share information across sites and countries.  So what one scientist learns in Brazil, for example, can be used or applied to improving products in the Southern US or China.


World-Class Science

Even back in the 1920s, our business leaders recognized the value of plant diversity. They established the basis for what is now one of world's most encompassing, most extensively characterized and most diverse private germplasm collections. This genetic resource is the heart of our breeding program today.


One of the examples of technology advancements is the adoption of molecular marker technologies to accelerate product development and increase quality advancement decisions.  This technology enables our researchers to produce, process, analyze, interpret, and report more 2.5 million data-points each day.


Additional enabling technologies at DuPont Pioneer include:

Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™ system)— The novel integration of a proprietary matrix of molecular breeding technologies into the product development process, increasing yield gain, reducing yield variability, and improving performance predictability. The AYT™ system enables researchers to scan and identify genes responsible for important traits and incorporate them into commercial lines, while removing or minimizing undesirable qualities from hybrids and varieties.


Boreas wind machine – Boreas is a proprietary giant mobile wind machine that tests the ability of corn hybrids to withstand violent windstorms which cause significant yield loss. This machine allows our researchers to examine the plants standability against intense winds.


Doubled haploids – By generating inbred lines with 100 percent purity in just two generations in corn and one generation in canola, doubled haploids significantly improve plant breeding efficiency and effectiveness.  In 2012, Pioneer generated more corn inbred lines via doubled haploid technology than we had produced in the first 80 years of our breeding program.


EnClass® system technology – Developed by DuPont Pioneer, this technology helps researchers understand and predict how unique corn hybrids will respond to different kinds of environmental conditions. This tool helps leverage the latest scientific knowledge to help Pioneer decide which new products to bring to the market, how much seed to produce for our customers, and where and under what production system our customers will likely benefit from planting that new product.


Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) – Genetic markers are used to identify the presence of a specific gene or combination of genes that carry a desirable trait, such as insect and disease resistance, or genes affecting agronomic traits and yield. By using this technology, Pioneer is able to more efficiently identify and develop products that bring growers the greatest value.


DNA sequencing – Pioneer uses the latest techniques available to increase knowledge of genes for trait improvement.  Sequence information allows researchers to understand the function of specific genes, the genome itself, and helps us improve plant breeding and product development systems.


Ear Photometry – Proprietary technology provides scientists with a more in-depth understanding of how hybrids and inbreds generate yield.  It analyzes digital images of corn resulting in a calculation of yield and ear traits that contribute to yield.


FAST (Functional Analysis System for Traits) Corn technology— Through this technology, Pioneer can test genes in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods. With FAST Corn, Pioneer scientists are able to introduce large numbers of biotech gene combinations into corn quickly, and use automated handling and precise digital imaging technologies to assess how specific transgenes affect a plant throughout its lifecycle.


Gene shuffling—Novel approach that optimizes desired traits by multiplying the effectiveness of beneficial genes. Pioneer obtained exclusive rights to this revolutionary technology for agricultural use through the acquisition of Verdia in July 2004.


Hybrid wheat technology—Pioneer is leveraging its expertise in wheat breeding and hybrid seed production to develop a new generation of hybrid wheat. These advancements will bring about new yield potential for wheat farmers through the development of wheat hybrids with high yielding performance.


Seed Production Technology (SPT) Process—Proprietary seed production process that is expected to dramatically increase the efficiency of seed production. This advancement will build on the Pioneer industry leading ability to respond to customer demands for reliable supplies of high quality hybrid seed.

How We Work

We work side-by-side with customers and partners to develop new products and solutions to customer needs.  One example of this work is the Intensively Managed Product Advancement Characterization and Training (IMPACT™) trials, which were launched in the United States in 2010.  These trials allow growers to see the newest products and technologies firsthand and to participate in the product and agronomic performance evaluation.  By investing in local research and development, IMPACT is maximizing grower productivity and profitability.  The trials can test between 100 and 250 potential products at each location to determine the top candidates for commercialization.


Our science is strong and backed by elite germplasm and advanced breeding capabilities as well as leading competencies in trait characterization and development, reproductive biology and soybean output traits.  It's our combination of technology and agricultural knowledge that makes DuPont Pioneer a leader.