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Safety and Health

Pioneer Hi-Bred and its employees share a responsibility to create a safe and healthy workplace by performing to the highest standards of safety – every time, everywhere.

We believe there's no amount of product, dollar of profit, or task to be completed worth an injury to any person or the environment. Where safety is involved, we always strive to make the right decision – the safe decision.

Pioneer supports the health and well-being of employees, their families and retirees by providing information, programs and resources about integrated health and safety practices.  

A word on biotech safety

With any new technology, people will have questions. As with any issue that involves scientific change and progress, it's important to minimize and control the risk for harm, and listen to and address concerns.

That's why scientists at Pioneer all work according to standard government review processes that promote safety first and foremost. Before any new plant product ever enters the government review process, it is thoroughly tested and reviewed by Pioneer.  Learn more at DuPont Biotechnology.