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A Letter from Paul

Paul Schickler, President, DuPont Pioneer

Published on July 1, 2012

Committing to feed the world
This month, I am excited to announce an evolution in our business name.  Instead of being called Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, we now are DuPont Pioneer.  DuPont is committed to finding solutions to ensure that the world's growing population has enough food. The abilities and expertise that the Pioneer business brings to DuPont are key to this mission.  As an expression of our joint mission, we now are evolving to be called DuPont Pioneer.

DuPont Pioneer is a critical element of a larger food story. The science-powered innovations delivered by the DuPont Pioneer business - along with other DuPont businesses -will help increase both the quality and quantity of the world's food supply.

DuPont acquired the Pioneer business 12 years ago.  DuPont continues to fully support increasing investments in DuPont Pioneer as well as its other businesses in the food and agriculture industries.  These investments allow us to bring better products and services to growers.  The change in our business name reflects our joint commitment.

Farmers feed the world, and DuPont Pioneer is dedicated to working with them. We pledge to find agricultural solutions to increase the productivity of farmers around the globe.  Together, DuPont Pioneer and our customers, play a critical role in improving crop yields, farm by farm, to help reach the larger mission of feeding the world.  

True to our aim
DuPont Pioneer customers will see no change in our traditional goal of providing the best products, services and information to help growers get the highest return on every acre they farm. What they will see is a new brand image in our communications, including product and services advertising.

As DuPont moves toward a larger presence in agriculture and food industries, Pioneer remains an important brand, as it has been for 86 years. We believe that creating a stronger tie between Pioneer and DuPont is mutually beneficial to both brands. 

DuPont Pioneer will continue to be a partner in the field, delivering individualized solutions to sustain growers' ability to grow crops profitably.  Only by practicing collaboration at the local level can we make a real impact. Working together, we can make a difference in helping to feed the world.

Paul E. Schickler
President, DuPont Pioneer