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Be the Seed: A Shared Vision for Food Security

DuPont Pioneer Be the Seed

There are 150,000 more people in the world today than yesterday. Another 150,000 will arrive tomorrow, and another 150,000 the day after that. With such significant increases in our global population, we must find solutions to ensure the world's growing population has enough nutritious food. In February 2012, DuPont launched food goals focused on: Innovating to Feed the World, Engaging and Educating Youth and Improving Rural Communities. This commitment is one Pioneer has long embraced. As an expression of this shared vision, Pioneer will now be known as DuPont Pioneer.

The DuPont Pioneer goals remain the same - providing the best products, services and information to help growers get the highest return on every acre they farm. We continue to support our customers' drive for success through high performance products, agronomy knowledge and resource sharing, and a commitment to individualized services.

Be the Seed

We can all be part of the solution to solving global hunger. It starts with a seed. Hear from our employees from around the world in this video. (02:16)

To learn more, read DuPont Pioneer President Paul E. Schickler's letter. In it, he shares his excitement about the evolution in our business name and our committment to finding solutions to food security. You can also read or download the "Be the Seed" manifesto (PDF 5 MB).

You can also learn about DuPont's efforts in global food security, visit foodsecurity.dupont.com.