Crop Management Demonstrations

Uneven Plant Emergence

Why does uneven emergence sometimes happen within the same field? Common causes include planting into wet soils and planting in fields with a higher level of residue.

Varying Planting Depth

When it comes to planting corn, how deep is deep enough and how shallow is too shallow? In this goof demonstration, Pioneer evaluated how corn development is affected when planted at different depths.

Rescue Nitrogen Application

When wet conditions delay planned sidedress nitrogen (N) applications as well as promote losses of previously applied N, producers must evaluate how much N remains in the soil and whether a rescue N application is needed. In this Pioneer demonstration, see how late a rescue nitrogen application in corn can be made and still help boost yield.

Fungicide Misapplication

Properly timing a fungicide application is critical in preventing crop injury. According to fungicide manufacturers, crop injury associated with fungicide applications has been limited. This goof demonstration set out to measure the potential crop injury.

Fallow Syndrome in Corn

Fallow syndrome typically occurs in areas where a crop was flooded out the previous season or when ground is left unplanted for an entire season. See how it can impact the productivity of crops grown on this land the following year.

Hybrid Response to Plant Population

Corn yield have increased significantly during the past 50 years. Considering the advancments in today's corn hybrids, how much more yield potential exists when growers increase plant populations?

Hail Damage

In this demonstration, Pioneer simulated hail damage and evaluated the severity of crop injury.



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