Agronomy Research Summary

2014 Agronomy Research Summary

Every year Pioneer Agronomy Sciences researchers conduct extensive crop management studies on farmers' fields and research sites across North America. Get summary results of this work and management recommendations in the Pioneer Agronomy Sciences Research Summary.


2014 - Click here for full brochure (PDF 7 MB)


Corn Planting Practices

Row Width in Corn Grain Production (PDF 1 MB)
Planting Depth Effects on Corn (PDF 242 KB)
Corn Plant Population Update (PDF 673 KB)
Optimizing Seeding Rates for Corn Hybrids (PDF 287 KB)
Growing Corn Under Film (PDF 264 KB)

Corn Management and Soil Fertility

• Pioneer® Field360™ Studio Software Agronomy Trials (PDF 313 KB)
• Corn Stalk Quality (PDF 161 KB)
• Common Nitrogen Fertilizers and Stabilizers for Corn Production (PDF 153 KB)
• Corn Yield Response to Seed-Applied Micronutrients (PDF 870 KB)

Disease, Insect and Weed Management

• Proline® Foliar Fungicide Effect on Corn Yield and Deoxynivalenol (DON) (PDF 538 KB)
• Managing Goss’s Wilt in Western Canada (PDF 281 KB)
• Northern Leaf Blight Race Shifts (PDF 136 KB)
• Corn Herbicides to Control Glyphosate-Resistant Canola Volunteers
(PDF 359 KB)• European Corn Borer (ECB) Management (PDF 194 KB)

Forage Production

• Pioneer® Brand Brown MidRib (BMR) Silage Products Versus Mycogen BMR (PDF 264 KB)
• Effect of Row Direction on Corn Grain Yield in Silage Production
(PDF 234 KB)• Effect of Row Direction on Corn Silage Yield (PDF 234 KB)
• Managing High-Moisture Corn (PDF 457 KB)

Soybean Production

• High Yield Production Practices for Soybeans (PDF 148 KB)
• Nitrogen Fertilizer for Soybean? (PDF 206 KB)
• White Mold of Soybean
(PDF 69 KB)• Planting Timing and Variety Maturity Effects on Soybean Yield (PDF 262 KB)
• Acapela® Fungicide Application & Planting Rate Effects on Soybean Yield (PDF 644 KB)

Canola Production

• Clubroot Disease of Canola – Western Canada Update
(PDF 255 KB)• DuPont™  Lumiderm™  – New Canola Insecticide Seed Treatment Technology (PDF 274 KB)

Wheat Production

• Yield Response of Fungicide-Treated Wheat to Nitrogen Rate (PDF 312 KB)

Previous Years Summaries



2013 Agronomy Summary Book - Click here to download (PDF 8 MB)



2012 Agronomy Summary Book - Click here to download (PDF 4 MB)



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