Use these interactive tools to help you make decisions.

Planting Rate Estimator
Enter your own hybrid, grain price and seed cost and this tool will provide a fully customized planting rate recommendation.

Planter Settings / Plantability Information
Take the confusion out of planter settings while boosting your planting accuracy this spring. With the planter settings tool, just enter your batch number of the seed you're planting and select the appropriate planter model. You'll receive the correct planter settings.

Growing Degree Unit (GDU) Calculator
Track GDU accumulation on your farm and compare the current figure with the previous five-year average and view to-date accumulations for the previous four years with the Growing Degree Unit Calculator.

On a field-level basis: get total accumulation, make historical comparisons, and view monthly precipitation totals.

Growth Stage Estimator
This tool shows the growth stage for corn hybrids based on start and plant dates and comparative relative maturity. A user can click a link to get more information on the current estimated growth stage. Also included is a summary of GDUs and precipitation for the planting period.

Corn Yield Estimator
Use this tool to estimate pre-harvest yields.

Cost of Production Calculator
The Cost of Production Calculator will help you evaluate the costs and returns of corn and soybean cropping systems.

Silage Bunker Calculator
The silage bunker calculator will help you determine the correct dimensions for your bunker.



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Weather Dashboard

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The latest data for your fields at-a-glance.

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Markets Dashboard

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The latest data for your fields at-a-glance

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