General Agricultural News

May 25, 2016
Young and daring people may be drawn to the profit potential of grain market futures speculation. They should proceed with caution -- as should farmers, who may have more exposure to price risk than they realize.
U.S. seed giant Monsanto has rejected the initial Bayer offer, but they are willing to talk.
Witnesses tell a U.S. Senate committee chaos already abounds with the waters of the United States rule despite a national stay.
May 24, 2016
Corn's in and soybeans are about half planted at our Decatur, Illinois, farmer's place, while both corn and beans are planted in our Newport, Pennsylvania, farmer's fields.
The U.S. House of Representatives may take up legislation this week that would end the need for permits to spray for mosquitos on water.
EPA issued a preliminary new label for Dow Agrosciences' Transform insecticide. The label does not include cotton or sorghum and contains numerous restrictions to protect pollinators in the crops it does cover.
May 23, 2016
With the high price of land, some cattle producers like Iowa's Jeff Morse are raising cattle in hoop barns.
Sugarbeets have been put in the bullseye of the national GMO labeling debate as various industry groups and activists fight in Washington over calls to pass a law that would preempt Vermont's mandated labeling law from going into effect. The argument was raised last week as USDA made an announcement allowing more sugar cane imports into the country.
Misunderstandings over leases are landing farmers with six-figure tax bills on equipment trades.

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