General Agricultural News

Oct 21, 2016
Some family members associate hardship with farming -- a view that can derail farm estate transfers and shared ownership in later generations.
After launching a lawsuit to stop the Deere-Precision Planting purchase, the DOJ is making phone calls to farmers to better understand the deal's impact in the field.
Dow AgroSciences said it is continuing work on new pollinator data the company hopes will convince EPA to register the insecticide Transform (sulfoxaflor) for all previous uses.
Oct 20, 2016
A number of agriculture interest groups are pressing Dannon's chief executive officer to take back the company's anti-GMO pledge.
Pay raises don't always reflect what employees value most. Put a dollar on those perks.
A forum hosted by the Farm Foundation included a key leader in Donald Trump's campaign and a former deputy secretary at USDA under the Obama administration talking about how a Trump or Clinton presidency would deal with some major agricultural and food issues.
Oct 19, 2016
Syngenta believes a court erred in creating a class of farmers as part of an ongoing lawsuit on Viptera corn that was rejected in shipments to China in 2013 and 2014.
Nutrient prices continue to slip, but the pace is slackening.
DTN View From the Cab farmer Jim Hoover of Newport, Pennsylvania, is amazed with the wide range of 30 to 150 bushels per acre he's seeing in his corn yields. Chase Brown, of Decatur, Illinois, has been cutting beans, planting wheat and selling a lot of cover crop seeds.

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