General Agricultural News

Feb 27, 2015
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack defended the negotiating process behind the Trans Pacific Partnership and argues that the Obama administration needs authority to negotiate in a way that will allow closure on the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Speaking at the Commodity Classic in Phoenix, leaders of the National Corn Growers Association said the group's No. 1 goal over the last few years has been to protect the RFS from efforts to minimize renewable fuel levels or eliminate it through legislation.
Floating units that adjust on the go from the cab increase planting precision.
Feb 26, 2015
A new bill passed by a subcommittee in the Iowa Senate Wednesday would tighten restrictions on winter manure applications. Environmental groups support the measure, while one agriculture group is opposed.
Jason Brown is a former NFL lineman now growing vegetables in North Carolina. He's also donating a significant part of his crop and trying to teach youth and communities about the important role farmers play in their lives.
Spray droplets can drift miles off target during a temperature inversion, so applicators need to learn the warning signs of this elusive atmospheric condition, which often occurs when conditions appear perfect for spraying.
Feb 25, 2015
Ships are finally able to lower their gangplanks at U.S. West Coast ports and resume loading beef and pork for export to foreign buyers following the resolution of the labor dispute.
It's no secret corn and soybean farmers face lower prices now than they did a year ago. Astute operators already have plans in place to cut costs while monitoring their margins.
The Brazilian truck protest continues into its eighth day with blockades starting to hurt the soy and meat trade.

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