Pioneer® brand Canola Seed Products for Western Canada


DuPont Pioneer is an industry leader in developing canola hybrids to better meet canola grower needs in Western Canada. Our canola hybrids range from having built-in clubroot and sclerotinia resistance combined with outstanding yield potential and standability to early maturity products developed for specific environments.



Pioneer® brand Roundup Ready® Canola Hybrids

Check out Pioneer® hybrid 45H31 along with our early maturity canola seed products Pioneer® hybrids 43E02 and 43E03 (NEW)


Pioneer® brand Clearfield® Canola Hybrids

See what Pioneer® Clearfield® canola hybrids 46H75 and 45H76 (NEW) have to offer

Clubroot Management

Pioneer Protector® Clubroot Canola Hybrids - Click Here 

Pioneer Protector® Sclerotinia Canola Hybrids - Click Here


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