Corn in Western Canada

Pioneer Hi-Bred has been breeding corn hybrids for over 80 years. As we apply our global experience to Western Canada, we remain committed to continued investment to expand the corn growing opportunity for local growers. It is our goal to lead the industry in launching new early season corn hybrids that will provide our customers with a new, viable cropping option.

As part of this effort, we have recently placed a new corn breeder in Carman, Manitoba specifically to breed early corn hybrids for Western Canada. The effort is supported by a dedicated research effort in Edmonton, Alberta to conduct maturity trials and silage trials for yield and quality. We are also expanding our corn breeding efforts in Southern Alberta by adding a new corn breeding and research facility to help with the increasing corn acres in Western Canada.

Corn acres in Western Canada

Hybrid selection is crucial to establishing productive stands and achieving high yields. Hybrids have specific strengths that could make one a top-performing choice for a certain environment but a lower performer in a different environment. Selecting a diverse lineup of locally adapted hybrids that vary in maturity and agronomic strengths can help growers lower their risk of crop loss. Hybrids should be considered and selected for the following key traits: maturity, yield, drought tolerance, standability, pest resistance, drydown, grain quality and harvestability.

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Goss's Wilt Brochure (PDF 1 MB)
Growing Productivity with Innovative Research (Corn) (PDF 5 MB)
Guide to Corn Deficiency Symptoms
(PDF 1 MB)How a Corn Plant Develops: Reproduction Through Maturity (PDF 962 KB)
How a Corn Plant Develops: Growth and Development Through the Vegetative Stages (PDF 1 MB)
Proving Ground™ Yield Data Summary of Pioneer® Corn Hybrids from 2012 - 2013 (PDF 1 MB)
Western Canada Corn Brochure (PDF 3 MB)


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