Encirca(SM) Services

EncircaSM Services combines the latest technology for weather, soils, agronomy and analytics to help you maximize crop yields and reduce risk in a way only DuPont Pioneer can.

We understand that information and technology are only valuable when they fit the way you farm. That’s why we start by taking the time to explore nuances that make your farming operation unique.

We’ll work together to evolve management practices and help optimize the effectiveness of key inputs like seed and nitrogen. Get started with Encirca services, to help make your next crop, your best crop yet.



Agronomy Science


EncircaSM services brings the best in agronomy science to your farm. Pioneer has more than 150 technical product and agronomy professionals who lead more than 10,000 on-farm trials and collaborate with dozens of universities across the United States and Canada to conduct Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy trials. This work is needed to understand the complex relationships between genetics, environment and advanced management practices.


Local Weather Information


Few things have more impact on your operation than hyper-accurate, ultra-local weather information. The accuracy of next-generation crop models depend on it. That’s why Pioneer teams with DTN/The Progressive Farmer to provide you with detailed weather data gathered from the largest rural weather network in the US, with thousands of fine-tuned, on-farm measurement stations providing hourly weather updates, and industry-leading forecasts.


Soil Mapping


The more you know about your soils, the better you can manage your inputs. Through a collaboration with the University of Missouri and the USDA-ARS, Encirca services gives you an advanced 3-D view into the composition of the soils on your farm, including valuable information on soil depth, texture, organic matter content, and water holding capacity. Encirca services high resolution soil maps have been shown to provide a better basis for decision-making than publicly available soil maps.




Agronomists and researchers from DuPont Pioneer worked with data scientists to create powerful analytics models that provide a real-time window of insight into crop development and utilization of key nutrients like nitrogen. These models combine decades of agronomy research with new technologies like wireless data transfer to help you make more informed decisions — at the speed your operation demands.




Accumulating precision information is useful, but often complex. Encirca certified service agents bring expertise to help you simplify data into actionable decisions that can improve profitability. Work side-by-side with your trusted advisor to test different forms, rates, and timing of applications, to find the best management plan customized to the exact needs of your farm.




Encirca(SM) Yield Nitrogen Management Service
The EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service is based on our strong agronomic expertise, combined with strategic partnerships that redefine soils and crop modeling.
Learn More - Encirca(SM) Yield Nitrogen Management Service


Encirca(SM) Yield Fertility Management Service
The EncircaSM Yield Fertility Management Service from DuPont Pioneer provides powerful information that helps you maximize production with your existing fertility budget.
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Encirca(SM) Yield Stand
Upgrading to EncircaSM Yield Stand provides variable rate seeding prescriptions for the hybrids you want to plant.
Learn More - Encirca(SM) Yield Stand


Encirca(SM) View Premium
Upgrade to EncircaSM View Premium for industry-leading weather forecasts, market news and analysis.
Learn More - Encirca(SM) View Premium

Encirca logo   EncircaSM services are provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the purchase documents.

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