Pioneer® Field360™ Tools App for Crop Management Decisions

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Pioneer® Field360™ Tools App Can Improve Management Decisions and Practices

  • Select appropriate hybrid maturities to reduce fall frost risk.
  • Plan equipment and labor availability for future field operations.
  • Plan scouting for crop pests


Pioneer Field360 Tools App Uses a GDU Model to Estimate Crop Development

  • Growing Degree Units or GDUs (sometimes referred to as GDDs) are a measure of the daily heat that contributes to plant growth.
  • GDUs are calculated from the average daily temperature, adjusted for the minimum and maximum base temperatures that support growth of a crop.
  • For corn, the minimum and maximum base temperatures are 50 F and 86 F, respectively.
  • Accumulated GDUs are the sum of the GDUs for each day since planting.

GDU Calculator


Estimating Corn Development Stage

  • Corn development stage (phenology) can be estimated by comparing GDU accumulation to models of crop development.
  • The GDUs needed to reach key development stages depend on the Comparative Relative Maturity (CRM) rating of the hybrid.

   Predicting Corn Development Stage  
   Approximate GDUs to reach specified stage*  
Stage 80 90 100 110 120
V6 525 570 595 620 630
V9 695 765 800 835 840
VT 920 1075 1175 1280 1420
R1 1155 1295 1440 1585 1725
R2 1305 1470 1635 1800 1965
R3 1405 1580 1760 1940 2120
R4 1570 1775 1980 2180 2385
R5 1735 1960 2185 2410 2640
R6 1895 2145 2390 2640 2890
*Assumes normal planting date prior to May 1

  • For example, a 110 CRM hybrid is modeled to reach the VT (tassel) stage at about 1,280 GDUs and the R6 (maturity) stage at about 2,640 GDUs after planting.
  • By determining what date 1,280 or 2,640 GDUs will accumulate in the field, the date of tasseling or maturity can be estimated.

Pioneer Field360 Tools App Automates this Process and Customizes it by Field

  • Each situation can be uniquely defined by these 3 parameters:

    • Location - Determines weather effects (i.e., the temperature that drive GDU calculations).
    • Planting Date - Sets a "0" point for GDU accumulation.
    • CRM of the Hybrid - Determines the growth model to be used.

Location/Weather Data

  • Weather information is automatically retrieved by using zip code to approximate latitude and longitude.
  • Actual, forecast and historical weather data are used in the GDU calculations.

    • Actual data until today (from Telvent®) provides known values.
    • Current forecast provides expected values for the next 2 weeks.
    • Beyond 2 weeks, historical temperatures provide the best estimate of GDUs.
  • A timeline using the previous year's weather is provided for comparison.
  • Up to 5 situations can easily be compared at a time.

Use the Accumulated GDU Screen

  • Estimated GDU accumulation is shown on the graph beginning at 0 GDUs on the lower left.
  • For each of the major crop stages, a horizontal threshold line is created at the appropriate GDU level.
  • Where this threshold intersects the line for GDU accumulation, an estimate of the date of occurrence for that stage can be read on the horizontal axis.
  • Tapping on the threshold line displays an information balloon that helps clarify the expected date.
  • Tapping in any vertical date will display a balloon with the accumulation for that date.

GDU Estimator: Accumulation


Daily Totals Show Detailed Information


GDUEstimator: Daily Totals

Uses of Pioneer Field360 Tools App in Crop Production

  • Before planting, use the Pioneer Field360 Tools App to test historical data with planned planting dates and hybrids to ensure they match the expected season.
  • During the growing season, use it to plan field operations such as postemergent sprays, scouting or irrigation, etc.
  • After the season, use the detailed view to look for events that might have impacted hybrid performance.

Estimating Non-Crop Development

 Some events are not based on crop development but can still be estimated by the tool.
  1. Black cutworm scouting should begin about 300 GDUs after peak moth flights.

    • Find when to begin scouting by entering the date of moth flight into Start Date and 300 GDUs into the Custom Stage.

  2. European corn borer (first generation) damage begins about 800 to 1,000 GDUs after January 1.

    • Set Start Date to January 1 and enter 800 into Custom Stage and begin scouting on the calendar date on which 800 GDUs are reached

  3. Watch DuPont Pioneer information for other examples of insect, weed and crop management practices that utilize GDUs to estimate crop management timing.

¹ Pioneer® brand products are provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the labeling and purchase documents.


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