Get the Plantability app to help optimize planter settings

This app is available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices.

New Enhancements

The Plantability app enhances the existing online version. A bar code reader to conveniently scan seed bag tags is new as is an expanded option to record and save multiple seed batch identifications within the app.

scan seed bag tag

Users can scan the seed bag tag and select the planter make. The app then generates a customized grid with the suggested plate or disc size, pressure or vacuum setting speed, and the singular setting, in addition to the predicted seed drop for each individual batch and planter combination.

customized grid

Currently, the app bar code reader is available on Android devices, the Apple iPhone, iPad (with retina display) and the iPad mini. It is not available on the iPad 2 or earlier models. For devices without the scanner capability, the seed batch information can be manually entered, along with the planter make, for customized planter settings.

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