Take Advantage of Fall Seeding with Pioneer® brand Alfalfa (Canada)

Fall-seeded alfalfa provides an advantage in forage yield over spring-seeded alfalfa in the first harvest year.

Seed Early

Fall seeding should be done early enough to ensure adequate growth for overwintering. It takes six weeks of growth for alfalfa plants to establish a crown below the soil surface to be less susceptible to winter injury.

Assess Current Alfalfa Stand

Spring 2012 Seeding
Count viable alfalfa plants per square foot in several areas of the field.  Plant counts should ideally be 25-30 plants per square foot in the establishment year. Consistency across the field is another important consideration.

Stands One Year and Older
Alfalfa plants can survive as long as their crown and roots remain viable - indicated by a lack of splitting or other external damage and a uniform white color with minimal internal discoloration. If enough plants survive for the stand to remain productive (6 plants per square foot or 55 stems per square foot) the field should fully recover from drought.

Drought Year Considerations for Fall-Seeded Alfalfa

Soil Moisture
Alfalfa seed requires ½ inch or less of rain to germinate. Adequate soil moisture must be available for the seedling to establish itself after germination.

Weed Control
Weed control in newly seeded alfalfa is critical for early stand establishment. Weeds reduce forage yield by competing for water, sunlight and nutrients.

Your Local Varieties

Visit https://www.pioneer.com/home/site/ca/products/alfalfa/ to learn more about Pioneer® brand alfalfa products in your region and contact your local Pioneer sales professional to take advantage of fall seeding.



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