Soil Fertility for Optimum Production

Magnesium Magnesium
Magnesium deficiency symptoms are often confused with other nutrient inadequacies. Get ID tips and possible treatments.
Zinc Zinc
Of all micronutrients, zinc is the one most often deficient in corn production and most likely to elicit a yield response when applied as fertilizer.
Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms
See how different nutrient deficiencies show up in corn leaves, roots and ears of corn as well as how these deficiencies affect plant health and yields.
Nitrogen Nitrogen
Some soil fertility recommendations are now suggesting that nitrogen fertilizer applications may be needed at very high soybean yield levels.
Manganese Manganese
Of all micronutrients, manganese tends to be the most common deficiency in soybean production.
Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
Read about new tools to manage iron deficiency chlorosis.
Soybean Fertility Basics of Soybean Fertility
Soil test every three to four years as a basis for managing soybean fertility. Get tips.
Micronutrients Micronutrients
Learn more about the 16 elements essential to crop growth and the soil availability of these micronutrients.
Sulfur Sulfur
Sulfur deficiencies are becoming more common. Find out why.
Soil Sampling Tips Soil Sampling Tips
Proper methods and timing of soil sampling help ensure reliability of test results.
Phosphorus and Potassium Phosphorus and Potassium
Get best P and K fertility management practices for corn and soybeans.

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