V1 - V3 stage: First, Second and Third trifoliate

After one set of single leaves emerges, all new emerging leaves are trifoliates — compound leaves with three parts or leaflets. The V1 stage occurs with the full opening of the first trifoliate (leaf has unrolled and edges no longer touch). Every three to five days, new leaves appear through the V5 stage. Then trifoliates emerge every two or three days to the R5 stage. The V stages are defined by the number of trifoliate leaves that have developed (unrolled) on the main stem, not the branches. At V2 (usually 6 to 8 inches tall), active nitrogen fixation starts. Most root nodules are within 10 inches of the surface. Each nodule contains millions of bacteria. Pink or red insides show active fixation. White, brown or green nodes aren't fixing enough nitrogen.


Pests to Scout For:
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