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Advancing Agriculture

In addition to its "Long Look" business philosophy, Pioneer opens more avenues for communities with the objective of not only increasing farmer profitability in corn or rice production, but also reaching out to improve the lives of people with long-term, sustainable initiatives.

Introduction of New Livelihood Opportunities. One living example of Pioneer's engagement in corn-related livelihood opportunities is the Buhay, Pangkabuhayan, at Mais community project. Under this endeavor, Pioneer provided cornhusk handicraft trainings to Filipino farmers and their families. What used to be waste from corn production is considered as a raw material for the creation of these ingenious works of art.

Establishment of TASK Centers. The huge geographical scope of corn & rice areas presents a challenge for Pioneer to constantly educate farmers on the latest technologies and to address any field concerns or questions that farmers may have on corn or rice production. To fulfill the need to become closer to our farmers, the company established learning centers for farmers called TASK Centers (Tulong Agronomiya sa Kanayunan or Agronomy Assistance in the Countryside) that allows farmers to directly ask our sales and agronomy personnel about farm-related inquiries and witness demonstration plots set up to ensure the effectiveness of Pioneer's knowledge-transfer initiatives.

Efforts to Further Develop the Corn & Rice Industry. Pioneer is assisting in efforts to further enhance and grow the industry for the success of Filipino farmers. This success depends on both the adoption of the right farming technologies and access to the right tools & infrastructure needed to follow through in the supply chain. Opportunities for rice farmers with hybridization and application of sound farming techniques will ensure their success and contribute to our nation's food security and self-sufficiency goals.

Some of the relevant programs implemented by Pioneer include: financial assistance for post-harvest facilities to progressive farm cooperatives, classroom & season-long field training for high school students on glutinous corn farming, development & distribution of instructional materials for farmers & agriculture universities, installation of irrigation facility components for seed growers, and sponsoring scholarships to agriculture students in selected institutions.

Last Modified:July 26, 2016