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Company History

A Rich Heritage

In 1926, company founder Henry A. Wallace's interest in and understanding of corn genetics prompted him to improve farmers' yields by introducing hybrid corn seeds, believing that this science-based technology and approach would revolutionize agriculture through increased yield and productivity.

Through the decades, Pioneer has remained true to that original goal of increasing productivity and profitability of its customers by employing technological innovations and ensuring that these are fully utilized where farmers need them.

With 35 years in the business, Pioneer Hi-Bred Philippines has significantly grown from a small research organization to a highly successful business covering operations involving research, product testing, production, and distribution of hybrid corn & hybrid rice seeds, including regulatory support & product stewardship efforts for its biotechnology-enhanced corn seed products.


1926    Hi-Bred Corn Company is founded by Henry A. Wallace

1935    Change of name to Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company

1949    Annual sales of Pioneer® seed corn passes 1 million units

1952    "Long Look" business philosophy is written

1970    Establishes an international seed department and changes name to Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

1976    New markets are established in Central Europe and Asia, including the Philippines, in Gen. Santos City as Pioneer Overseas Corporation (POC)

1981    Becomes seed corn market share leader in North America
             First Pioneer® seed corn, 6181 hybrid, is released in the Philippines

1982    Annual worldwide sales surpass 10 million units

1988    Hybrid rice breeding starts in Hyderabad, India

1989    Acquires San Miguel Corporation hybrid corn seed business to establish Pioneer Hi-Bred Agricultural Technologies, Inc. (PHAT)
             Pioneer becomes seed corn market leader in the Philippines

1996    Becomes the first company to start a corn genomics effort

1997    Introduces its first biotech corn product and its first biotech soybean product
             Merging of POC & PHAT into Pioneer Hi-Bred Philippines, Inc.

1998    Pioneer® hybrid corn 3014 gains #10 slot in Pioneer sales volume worldwide

1999    Pioneer Hi-Bred International merges with DuPont

2004    First sale of Bt corn by Pioneer in the Philippines

2005    Pioneer® hybrid corn 30B80 becomes one of the best-selling products in ASEAN

2008    Philippine business ventures into the rice business with the launch of Pioneer® hybrid rice PHB71

2009    Introduction of waxy/glutinous hybrid corn seeds in the Philippines with Pioneer® hybrid corn P3409WE

2011    Pioneer marks 35th year of bringing success to Filipino farmers


Last Modified:July 26, 2016