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The 'Pioneer Way' of Doing Business

Pioneer Long Look Philosophy

All employees and partners of Pioneer are guided by the "Long Look" business philosophy, originally written in 1952. These four principles have remained constant since the company's incorporation in 1926.

1. We strive to produce the best products on the market.

Cutting-Edge Science. Our success throughout the years tells us that there is no better selling aid than great product performance. In the Philippines, the development of superior PioneerĀ® brand hybrids is a monumental task, with thousands of lines thoroughly evaluated each year by Pioneer's research team at various stations in major corn or rice-producing areas in the country. After years of testing for the right agronomic characteristics and stable performance, only a handful of these lines are branded into PioneerĀ® seed products.

Reliable Quality. Quality does not end with selecting the best hybrid. For local seed production, Pioneer's ISO 9001:2000-accredited Polomolok Production Plant in South Cotabato province is considered as the most modern hybrid seed production plant in the Philippines. The environmentally-controlled facility has the latest equipment to receive and process seed for distribution.

2. We deal honestly and fairly with our employees, customers, seed growers, sales force, business associates and shareholders.

Our decisions and actions shape our reputation.

Consider that at any given moment our customers, seed growers, employees, sales force, business associates, and shareholders include hundreds of thousands worldwide. They spread the word about Pioneer's reputation. If the word is good, we have a powerful sales tool; if it's poor, we have a serious obstacle to overcome.

Nurturing Relationships. We always keep in mind that one of the most important factors our customer base their decision on is something they can't usually see or touch. Our seed products are purchased for what they produce - not for what customer see at the time of purchase. They can't see the performance when they buy our products, but they rely on our reputation and the promise of the particular hybrid they choose.

Accessible and Dependable Channels. Pioneer maintains a global distribution network with build-in flexibility to meet local needs. In the Philippines, Pioneer carefully screens and selects distributors who provide the company's hybrid seeds to the Filipino farmer. 

3. We advertise and sell our products vigorously, but without misrepresentation.

Buying seed involves a great deal of trust. Farmers have made Pioneer the world's largest seed company because they trust us. One of the primary reasons for this is our policy to market products vigorously, but without misrepresentation.

Truthful Communications. Each hybrid has its own strong points and weaknesses. Pioneer admits that although the company conducts an extensive application of science and genetics in developing new products, its products has its own limitations. Pioneer sales and agronomy personnel give an honest picture of all our products to our customers.

In our efforts to provide the highest quality & most adaptable products for specific local environments, we listen to our customers to understand their requirements. We respond quickly and reliably to evolving customer needs and expectations.

The Best People in the Industry. Pioneer recruits the best talent around the globe. Our scientists, agronomists, breeders, production, and sales representatives have a passion for delivering value to farmers and, at the same time, believe that misleading them would not to lead to long-term success of the company.

4. We give helpful management suggestions to our customers to assist them in making the greatest possible profit from our products.

To obtain the greatest possible repeat business from our customers, we must help them get the greatest possible returns from the products they buy from us.

Continuous Agronomy Efforts. Pioneer agronomists are constantly crop management studies related to plant population density, fertilization, pest management, biotechnology, and others. Furthermore, we continuously monitor the performance of both our new & existing hybrid corn products to determine the specific locations and environments where they are best suited, with significant consideration of our customers' needs and expectations.

Knowledge-Transfer Programs. Pioneer provides information to our customers beyond the product specifications. We take every opportunity to orient our customers on the best crop management practices and solutions that we derive from our investment in agronomic information. These efforts subsequently maximize technology utilization and success for the Filipino farmer.

To make knowledge-transfer more effective, we train our sales personnel and farmer extension partners to help our customers realize our products' potentials through practical and sustainable methods.


Last Modified:July 26, 2016