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EarlyShield Seed Treatment

Pioneer’s Early Shield Seed Treatment Technology

With the Early Shield seed treatment, all Pioneer corn seed varieties are pre-treated in the processing plant with a unique seed treatment mixture that does not only protect the seeds and seedlings from early season diseases like damping -off and downy mildew, but also provides protection against early season insect pests, specifically seedling maggots. Aside from the benefits of protection from early seasons pests and diseases, the Early Shield technology also provides a vigor effect on the seedlings, with the following physical manifestations - early head start, longer and more robust roots, thicker stalks, greener leaves, and a stronger tolerance to abiotic stresses like drought, acidic soil, salinity.

With Early Shield, the farmers need not apply their seeds on the farm with seed treatment chemicals. Pioneer seeds with Early Shield technology have precise seed treatment application from the processing plant. Aside from accuracy in application, the pre-treated technology provides convenience to the farmers since they don’t have to mix other chemicals on the seeds during the day of planting. This saves the farmers time and labor.


 Corn plant damaged by Corn Seedling Maggot 
























Vigorous plants with seed treatment that are free from early season pests 

Last Modified:May 22, 2017