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Corn Seed Technology

Biotechnology is an important tool that makes it possible for Pioneer to deliver products that help farmers protect their crops, reduce production costs, increase their yields, and improve the environment. This equates to enhancing the quality of life in many ways, while helping the environment by reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources.

More importantly, however, is that corn farmers would only be able to maximize the benefits of these biotechnology traits by using the right base genetics or right agronomic traits found in the hybrid corn seed that they decide to plant in their farms. These basic agronomic traits may include resistance to particular insect/disease pests or built-in tolerance to certain environmental conditions, like drought or strong winds.

Pioneer's current portfolio of products include PioneerĀ® brand hybrid corn seeds with either 1 or 2 biotechnology traits that provide different benefits to corn farmers.

Last Modified:February 18, 2016