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Roundup Ready® Corn 2 Trait

The Roundup Ready® Corn 2 (RRC2) trait provides corn varieties with tolerance to specific glyphosate herbicides-registered for use on glyphosate-tolerant corn-which gives significant convenience in weed control as corn plants can be sprayed over-the-top without damaging the corn variety with the trait. This also helps in reducing labor costs on manual weeding and allows conservation tillage in planting.

This trait, with event name NK603, was approved in the Philippines for propagation or commercial use by the Department of Agriculture in 2005 after a series of evaluation activities and passing through stringent biosafety regulations to determine its safety towards human & animal health, and the environment.

Without Roundup Ready® Corn 2 Trait






With Roundup Ready® Corn 2 Trait






® Roundup Ready is a registered trademark used under license from Monsanto Company.

Last Modified:July 4, 2011