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YieldGard® Corn Borer Protection Trait

The YieldGard® Corn Borer (YGCB) trait provides corn varieties with season-long protection from crop damage brought by the Asiatic corn borer (ACB), the most prevalent insect pest for corn in the Philippines. The resistance covers all parts of the corn plant and it eliminates the need for pest control, including spraying of chemical insecticides for ACB or through other means.

This biotech trait, with event name MON810, was approved in the Philippines for propagation or commercial use by the Department of Agriculture in 2002 after a series of evaluation activities and passing through stringent biosafety regulations to determine its safety towards human & animal health, and the environment.

Corn farmers who plant products with YGCB should be aware of Insect Risk Management (IRM) guidelines that can be found in every bag of Pioneer® hybrid corn seeds with this trait.

Without YieldGard® Corn Borer Protection Trait






With YieldGard® Corn Borer Protection Trait






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Last Modified:July 4, 2011